Lifting Magnets Perform a Variety of Metal Forming Facility Tasks

April 23, 2020

lifting-magnets-industrial-magnetics Put the FX Series of lifting magnets, from Industrial Magnetics, Inc., to work throughout your metal forming and fabricating facility. Available in six standard sizes and with a working-load limit to 6600 lb., the magnets fit the bill for lifting flats and rounds in a variety of applications. The units work with a single-magnet system consisting of high-energy rare-earth half-shell magnets, fully activated and deactivated with only 90 deg. of switching travel, via the on/off handle. Traditional on/off handle lifts require 180 deg. of rotation.  The handle locks in the on and off positions, and the units are heat resistant to 180 F (except for the FXV high temperature version).  FX Series magnets eliminate the rebound effect that users encounter due to the magnetic force, and offer a self-locking design.

Industrial-grade construction includes a ball-bearing switch shaft and the half-shell structure, eliminating magnetic losses due to internal short-circuiting; one-piece construction their entire length, without welds or tapered transitions, makes them virtually indestructible.

In addition, the patent-pending design features a reduction of the inner air gap in the magnet system, optimizing performance while reducing costs and conserving magnetic material, protecting the environment.  The magnets provide a 3:1 design factor, and meet 2018 ASME B30.20 BTH-1 Design Category B, Service Class 3, and are standard-compliant and tested to meet CE/EN 13155/MRL 2006/42 EWG specifications.

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