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Servo Hydraulics, and Reversing Mode

“The Flat Master’s servo-hydraulics is a great feature,” Desiderato continues, “as is its ability to control the leveling gap. With our old system, leveling parts without cutouts required a completely different setup than did leveling parts with cutouts. Now we use the same setup for both types of parts.”

The system’s reversing mode also has proven its worth. Goldhofer workers need only set the part length. The workpiece then runs through the machine until it reaches the stop, then the upper leveling unit lifts up and the leveled part quickly returns to the operator. This delivers enormous time savings, says Desiderato.

“The operators used to have to walk around the old machine and check the part on the rear side,” he notes. “They had to lift the heavy work using a crane. If the results were inadequate, the operator then would run the part through the machine in the reverse direction and check it again on the other side. This process was repeated until the desired results had been achieved. Now, every part comes back out to the front side after leveling and the operator no longer needs to move from one place to the other.”

This new-found efficiency has had a direct effect on staffing requirements. Whereas 60 percent of the parts leveled at Goldhofer on its old leveler required two operators, more than 95 percent of its parts can be leveled using one operator.

Last but not least, despite the Arku special roller-leveler quick-change system, Goldhofer does not need to change the rollers for different part thicknesses. Says Andreas Hellriegel, who leads the Arku parts leveling division:

“Because we work with relatively small roll diameters, we can use the machine for the range of material thicknesses that Goldhofer processes—3 to 30 mm. And if Goldhofer wants to level even thinner work, it would be more economical to purchase an additional, smaller roller leveler than to add a changeover cassette to its large machine.”

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