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3D Systems Adds Nickel and Copper Alloys to Materials Portfolio

November 15, 2022

At Formnext…3D Systems announced the addition of two new materials, Certified HX and Certified CuCr2.4, as certified for use with the company’s DMP Flex 350 and DMP Factory 350 3D printers, with HX also certified for the DMP Factory 500. 

HX-3D-Systems-FormnextA high-performance nickel alloy, Certified HX also reportedly contains a higher percentage of molybdenum (to 9.5 percent) versus other nickel alloys, which enhances its strength and resistance to corrosion, creep deformation, cracking and oxidation in hot-zone environments, making it ideal for applications with service temperatures to 1200 C. With superior printed part quality and part density (typically 99.9 percent), according to 3D Systems officials, it can produce tall, large parts with integrated cooling and flow channels in optimal orientation for the energy, industrial gas turbine, petrochemical, aerospace and defense industries. 

3D Systems developed the parameters for Certified HX in collaboration with its partner, GF Machining Solutions.

“The DMP Factory 500 together with the new printing parameters for the HX nickel alloy allows us to scale our additive manufacturing (AM) services by delivering large cross-section parts such as combustion-chamber casings, stators and impellers,” says Marco Salvisberg, AM business development manager for GF Casting Solutions. “The high heat-deflection temperature of the HX material combined with the surface smoothness, part accuracy, narrow tolerances and high repeatability of the DMP Factory 500 printing process addresses the essential performance requirements of these parts and critical features such as cooling channels.”

Copper-Alloy-3D-Systems-FormnextA high-strength, corrosion-resistant copper alloy, Certified CuCr2.4 reportedly is significantly stronger than pure copper and easier to process for AM applications. Its superior part density (typically 99.9 percent) and high conductivity after heat treatment make CuCr2.4 ideal for heat management and cooling systems in the high-tech, consumer goods, automotive aerospace and defense industries, especially when strength also is a requirement, claim 3D Systems officials.

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