Aidro Buy by Desktop Metal Brings Fluid-Power-System Capabilities

September 10, 2021

Desktop-Metal-AidroDesktop Metal has announced the acquisition of Aidro, a designer and volume producer of hydraulic and fluid-power systems through metal additive manufacturing (AM). Aidro, an Italian company, brings 40 years’ experience in the design and production of valves, manifolds, and various hydraulic components and fluid power systems into the Desktop Metal fold.

Aidro offers expertise in design for AM, including finite element analysis simulation and topology optimization techniques, according to Desktop Metal officials, with Aidro engineers leveraging these capabilities to redesign traditional hydraulic components for AM production. Redesigns deliver weight and space savings, and often result in consolidation of multiple components into one to eliminate welding and assembly requirements. Hydraulic components produced by Aidro using AM reportedly improve performance versus conventional manufacturing by optimizing flow channel placement and geometry to increase flow capacity and decrease pressure drops.

“Aidro brings a talented team with decades of experience in hydraulics and fluid-power systems, and a passion for leveraging AM to deliver performance advantages to their customers,” says Ric Fulop, Desktop Metal founder and CEO. “We’re excited about the acquisition and look forward to advancing AM 2.0 for high-volume production of hydraulics, valves, fluid power systems, and many more end-use parts in development with Aidro.”

Says Valeria Tirelli, Aidro co-CEO and president: “This partnership is the next step in our AM evolution, and now, with access to Desktop Metal’s scale and industry-leading AM 2.0 technology portfolio, including its volume production-focused metal binder jetting solutions, we’re thrilled at the growth potential for Aidro.”

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