Tool Coatings Described

October 1, 2008

IonBond, Madison Heights, MI, details its lineup of thin-film PVD, PA-CVD, CVD and TD coating technologies in a new brochure, Stamping & Forming Applications: High Value Solutions. Advantages from using the coatings, according to company officials, include downtime reduction, enhanced productivity, improved tool life, improved part finishes, reduced maintenance costs and reduced lubrication usage, with the coatings serving as environmentally friendly substitutes for hard-chrome plating.

The company, as noted in the brochure, has significant experience in bundling the coatings with other services such as vacuum heattreatment, flame hardening, ion nitriding, ferritic nitrocarburizing, cryogenic treatment and polishing.

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Industry-Related Terms: Ferritic, Flame Hardening, Forming, Nitriding
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