Protective Wrap Keeps Rust at Bay

October 1, 2014

Metal Rust Guard protective wrapMetal Rust Guard
Booth A2555

MetalRustGuard is a self-adhesive, nontoxic protective wrap that works in all environments to protect against rust and corrosion on all metals. It also can be used as a protective shield against abrasion during shipping.

The product starts off as a nonwoven polypropylene that is impregnated with a highly formulated wax. Together the components create a hydrophobic, strong and flexible wrap that conforms to military specifications.

It’s an im-penetrable barrier to outside conditions regardless of climate or moisture content, and replaces the need for expensive and ineffective VCI paper, film and bags. The material sticks directly to metal or can be used as a blanket to wrap around several parts.


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Technologies: Materials


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