Powder-Coated Tubing Allows Simplified Welding

November 1, 2008

Atlas Tube, Inc., Chicago, IL, now manufactures powder-primed tubing using the Epox Z Kote process that accomplishes high-speed
Powder-Coated Tubing allows simplified welding
application and thin-film deposition in a high-performance epoxy powdercoat primer.

A unique benefit of this tubing is the ability to weld directly through the coating without any special preparation or breathing apparatus. Additionally, welding spatter does not stick to the primer, further reducing surface-preparation cost.

The tubing is manufactured in accordance with ASTM A500 and ASTM A513 standards and is available in square sizes to 7 by 7 in., rectangles to 10 by 4 in., and rounds to 8.625-in. OD.

Atlas Tube, Inc.: 800/265-6912; www.atlastube.com
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