High-Performance Material Coating

February 1, 2008

American Trim, Lima, OH, announced that its new Alodine EC2 high-performance coating line is operational and ready to support full production and prototyping. With this opening, American Trim reportedly becomes the largest (by capacity) Licensed Product Center of this coating, developed by Henkel Corp.

Alodine EC2, according to its makers, virtually eliminates corrosion, improves wear resistance, enables the use of lower-cost materials (aluminum instead of stainless steel, for example), and provides excellent bonding capacity when combined with Loctite, Hysol and Teroson brand adhesives.

The coating is based on Ti electro-deposited oxides and readily forms on aluminum and aluminum alloys, titanium and titanium alloys, and aluminized ferrous substrates.

It offers hardness of 600 to 800 Vickers, and bonds well with most paints, adhesives, Teflon, Kynar and thermal-spray coatings.

American Trim: 419/228-1145; http://www.amtrim.com

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