Antimicrobial, Simple-to-Clean Coatings

February 1, 2008

Due to fast-growing demand for specially formulated coatings that provide antimicrobial, antifingerprint and easy-to-clean characteristics to enhance the performance, aesthetics and durability of metal products and surfaces, Horizon Business Group has announced the creation of Sureshield Coatings Co., Northbrook, IL. This spin-off company and the Sureshield brand have been established to market the advantages of the company’s more than 150 coatings.

With this spin-off, Sureshield Coatings is launching a website,, that provides a tailored experience to different types of users, including manufacturers. The company offers powder, liquid and coil-coating options designed for any consumer or commercial metal product. From concept to product launch to maintenance and program expansion, Sureshield provides complimentary technical, regulatory and marketing guidance.

Sureshield comes in clear, solid and transparent colors, designed to resist fingerprints for the life of the product, making it ideal for appliances, computer products, foodservice equipment, office products, office and healthcare furniture, medical products, HVAC and air-handling equipment, commercial laundry equipment, plumbing fixtures, lab equipment, and doors and windows. In addition, Sureshield coatings can be pre- or post-applied to any type of metal alloy.

Sureshield Coatings Co.: 847/291-6960;


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