Webcast Introduces Planning, Scheduling Software to Support Lean Manufacturing

July 1, 2008

On May 13, Epicor Software Corp. and MetalForming cooperated to produce a 30-min. webcast, Boost Results in Lean Strategies with Advanced Planning and Scheduling. Epicor’s Christine Hansen discussed how best-in-class manufacturers apply state-of-the-art scheduling practices and software to meet tight delivery schedules, while continuing to provide more and more manufacturing operations for their customers. The key, which Hansen explained in detail, is maintaining responsiveness and flexibility in scheduling.

Other topics presented included managing of multiple constraints for an operation—equipment, tooling and operator; using visual drag-and-drop scheduling techniques; and incorporating material planning into the scheduling process.

View the webcast, complete with narration and PowerPoint slide show, using this link: www.go.epicor.com/boost/ ?PROD=HOSP&SRC=EM_ MetalformingAPSWC_MFG_ Q208.


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