Updated Software Tools for ERP, Job Quoting

July 1, 2011

Having recently reached version 10.6, MIE Trak, from MIE Solutions, Garden Grove, CA, is a powerful and complete enterprise-resource-planning (ERP) tool designed to help companies boost operating profits without the drawbacks of increased overhead. MIE Trak presents users with an extensive array of features: quote, order entry, quote letter, router, work order, costing, purchasing, receiving, raw material, inventory, shipping, invoicing, finished goods, inventory scheduling, tracking, accounting, EDI module, shop overview, shipping and invoicing reports, as well as integration into many external accounts packages.

MIE also recently released QuoteIt, a server-based sales-management solution that enables users to configure, price, quote, propose and sell their offerings across multiple sales and distribution channels. Users can keep a close eye on operation costs, as well as establish prices, create assemblies, view history, e-mail RFQs, attach external documents, and calculate costs.

MIE Solutions Inc.: 714/786-6230; www.mie-solutions.com
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