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Taking ERP Document Control to a New Level

October 1, 2014

Document control ERP module Version Managment SystemTo avoid costly mistakes, manufacturing firms must have the latest versions of spec sheets, drawings and other customer documents during production. To ease the managing of this critical task, Global Shop Solutions, The Woodlands, TX, has released an add-on to its Document Control ERP module called Version Management System (VMS).

“VMS electronically attaches documents to jobs and work centers,” says the firm’s president and CEO Dusty Alexander. “It offers several new document-security features to ensure production workers have the most current version for every job.”

To streamline the document management process, VMS includes the following enhancements:

• Files store directly in the database, adding security for improved protection of document/data integrity.

• Shops can store multiple versions of files simultaneously, allowing for a version history of each file.

• Users can easily reference or roll back to older file versions to see historical changes to all documents.

• Check-in/check-out functionality prevents two users from changing a file at the same time.

• Users can protect their information with individual and group-level permissions, and limit document exposure with print and e-mail security options.

The VMS is included in the 2014.1 release of Global Shop Solutions’ One-System ERP software. Other new features with version 2014.1 include a new main menu with a simplified graphical interface; and an enhanced general ledger history that allows users to move data to a history file to reduce the size of the general ledger detail file and quicken processing time.

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