Notifications Add Effectiveness to ERP/MRP Systems

January 24, 2022

MRPeasy-blog-notifications“Even with an ERP/MRP system in place, it might be difficult to keep tabs on inventory requirements, production plans, and other important areas of the business,” reads a recent blog post at MRPeasy. A huge help here: Low-stock alerts and other manufacturing and inventory notifications.

“Even though an ERP system is a huge step forward in inventory tracking and manufacturing management,” the blog continues, “without someone constantly checking the data in the software, things can sometimes be overlooked. For example, a new unforeseen task can be left unnoticed, low inventory levels can be left unattended, and the maintenance schedule of machinery disregarded.”

Software notifications provide the means to alert for low inventory levels, due dates, changes in the data and more.

“For example,” reads the blog, “when a portion of a raw material SKU is consumed so that its count drops below the reorder point, a message is sent to the inventory manager and/or any other person responsible for the replenishment of stock. This way, companies can minimize downtime caused by slow communication and become more efficient in the long run. But, not all ERP/MRP systems offer notifications. That means that in order to minimize the chances of overlooking some critical aspects of your business, you should make sure to choose one that supports them.”

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