New Data-Sharing Capability for Asset-Utilization Software

October 1, 2015

WintrissWintriss Controls Group
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Wintriss Controls Group, Acton, MA, introduces a new data-sharing capability for its popular ShopFloorConnect asset-utilization software. The new application program interface (API), a SOAP 1.2-based web service, automates job-queue management and data transfer between the scheduling functions of existing ERP/MES software and the ShopFloorConnect software/hardware. The new API allows ShopFloorConnect to gather next-job information from the existing scheduling system, then send it directly to the machine-mounted ShopFloorConnect interface controller—thus enabling paperless management of the production schedule. As jobs are completed, the API gives ShopFloorConnect the ability to report part counts back to the ERP/MES in real time.

ShopFloorConnect collects data from stamping presses, press brakes, laser-cutting machines, tube lasers, turret presses, machining centers, automated saws, welding machines, injection molders, paint lines and packaging machines. The software displays real-time machine-status information on a PC or mobile device—no need to install any special software. It automatically delivers reports showing downtime analysis and OEE, and provides the vital real-time data missing from many ERP and MES systems. It displays real-time status information for all of a user’s machines on the user’s PC or mobile device’s web browser.
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