Manufacturing Execution System for Single-Part Manufacturing

April 1, 2018

Tebis America, Troy, MI, has announced that the ProLeis manufacturing execution system (MES) now is available as a Tebis product, with ProLeis acting as a new business unit under the name Tebis ProLeis GmbH.

ProLeis provides comprehensive data-management, manufacturing-planning and manufacturing-control functions that enable effective control of all individual parts for dies and injection molds, from quotation to the finished product. This is important as the complexity of single-part manufacturing in die manufacturing requires end-to-end production solutions that connect all participants, from project managers all the way to external suppliers. With this MES, project managers quickly can check during pre-planning to determine whether proposed projects can be processed and required delivery dates met. The MES also provides users with a clear understanding of all processes, provided by overviews of milestones, degrees of completion for dies and resource assignment.

Once planners, project schedulers and those responsible for manufacturing create more detailed project plans, ProLeis offers tools to organize and control capacity. All manufacturing steps for the individual parts are defined and scheduled using standardized planning templates. Once planning completes, a supply of orders is provided for each resource—employee or machine—for processing in the specified sequence.

Purchasing agents can order material and outsource in ProLeis, and integrate suppliers in data management via the vendor interface. All parts are ready on time at the machine and in the assembly area before manufacturing begins.

Employees in design, manufacturing and programming can use the MES to manage all data and approvals. The system’s flexibility enables changes such as rush orders or modifications to be included at any time.

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