Egbert Taylor Group Deploys Cloud ERP from Infor

May 1, 2016

UK-based Egbert Taylor Group, a manufacturer of four-wheeled metal bins, has successfully deployed a cloud-based ERP application, CloudSuite Industrial from Infor. The software is expected to help improve decision-making, drive growth and boost customer service by improving the sales-order process and enhancing visibility into the availability of new products, stock and production capacity, according to company officials. 

As a configure-to-order business offering more than 1.5-million combinations of bin sizes, colors, lids and end-customer logos, the Egbert Taylor Group will use Infor CloudSuite Industrial to track stock levels and provide accurate delivery schedules, and use Infor Configure Price Quote to manage the guided selling process for configured items.

The company selected the software for two reasons. First, it enabled a tightly integrated business process between customer sales ordering and procurement—of critical importance to the Egbert Taylor Group’s customer-service improvement objectives. Second, the completeness of functionality for build-to-order businesses in the application suite means minimal customizations, as the Egbert Taylor Group replaces legacy ERP software, which company officials say was restricting growth. Over the course of 15 years, the legacy system had become extensively customized with many undocumented modifications. This began to restrict new-product development and time to market, inhibiting the ability of the Egbert Taylor Group to respond quickly to changes requested by new and existing customers.

The company chose to deploy via the cloud to capitalize on the lower upfront costs, help reduce risk, support business continuity and ensure that the business always has access to the latest version of CloudSuite Industrial. The cloud infrastructure also enables the company to roll out the software to its field sales team with minimal disruption.

“Our legacy systems were reaching the end, and as such we required an effective system that enables us to have greater visibility of the business and its processes,” says Andrew Davies, Egbert Taylor Group finance director. “Our objectives included improving working capital management through streamlined production processes as well as integrating our quoting process into a single cloud-based solution.”

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