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Full Throttle for FABTECH

June 14, 2021

We’re just a few months from FABTECH 2021 and by all accounts, it’s full speed ahead and maximum effort as the exposition’s partnering organizations continue to add exhibitors to the floorplan of the metal forming and fabricating industry’s premier event. Slated for September 13-16 at Chicago’s McCormick Place, FABTECH will be Chicago’s largest indoor, in-person tradeshow/convention since reopening post-COVID, coming on the heels of the Chicago Auto Show scheduled for mid-July. And the show partners—the Precision Metalforming Association, Fabricators & Manufacturers Association International, SME, American Welding Society, and Chemical Coaters Association International—pledge to provide a safe environment for a successful in-person event.  

Visit the event website to catch up on the latest news surrounding the show. And, look to the August issue of MetalForming for complete details of all the planned activities, including descriptions of the new technology scheduled to be on display throughout the show for forming, cutting, joining, automation, and so much more.

Also, don’t forget the accompanying technical conference, which includes several sessions dedicated to metal stamping.  Topics on the agenda include:

  • The Four Types of Press-Maintenance Programs—Reactive, Preventive, Predictive and Proactive
  • Understanding Servo Metal Stamping Presses—Usage, Troubleshooting and Maintenance
  • Heat Treating Fundamentals
  • Best Practices and Technology to Improve Press Uptime and Eliminate Nuisance Stops
  • Evaluating Progressive-Die Strip Layouts
  • Automatic In-Die Part Quality Monitoring & Tool Adjustments.

But, of course, industry tradeshows such as FABTECH are much more than just opportunities to see new technology. They’re about networking and building relationships in a way that’s not possible on Zoom or on the phone. You’re wearing your company logo and expanding your brand. You’re able to research and surveil the competition, to stay at the head of the pack. And, yes, tradeshows such as FABTECH allow attendees—and exhibitor personnel—to become immersed in education. Because as attendees walking the floor, visiting exhibitor booths and attending conference sessions gain valuable technical knowhow, let us not forget that those same attendees—from metal forming and fabricating plants—also can educate exhibitor personnel about their business needs, helping to shape future technology developments.

One such development—the gathering of data from the production floor and then storing, managing and ultimately leveraging that data—promises to be center stage at FABTECH.  However, just like the practice of walking a tradeshow and gathering new-technology information, merely collecting information provides absolutely no business value. Rather, it is the insights and best-practices knowledge that you can take back and apply in your manufacturing facility that will make a difference.

So, when planning to attend FABTECH, pledge to turn the knowledge gained into profitable decision-making opportunities. Carefully comb through all that’s learned during your visit, and find ways—a few, or several—to apply the knowledge gained to improve productivity, quality and safety; to boost revenue opportunities; and to reduce costs.

The MetalForming magazine team, PMA and I look forward to seeing you at FABTECH. This is our industry’s community event, a chance to get reacquainted, see friends and colleagues, and have some fun!

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