Tower Metalworking Fluids Turns 90 in October 2023

September 29, 2023

Happy 90th anniversary to Tower Metalworking Fluids (Tower MWF), established as Tower Oil & Technology in October 1933 by Al Simon Sr., and specializing at the time in the sale of motor oils and industrial lubricating oils. In the 1930s the firm introduced Tower Durol, a high-quality compressor oil, and during the ‘40s and ‘50s Tower diversified and expanded, shifting its emphasis toward the production of machine lubricants, compressor oils, hydraulic fluids, and greases. 

In a detailed and fascinating account of Tower’s rich history and evolution, we learn why and when it eventually purchased its own lubricant-blending facility and expanded its operations into the metal stamping and metal forming industries. That led to the development of a line of water-extendable forming lubricants known as Towersol and Towerkem, and later to a series of advanced, synthetic, heavy-duty drawing and stamping fluids known as Klenedraw, Towerpro and Towerdraw.   

In the ‘90s the company expanded into the metal-removal industry and developed Towercool, a high-performance semisynthetic metalworking fluid formulated for cutting and grinding operations. In 2013 the firm debuted Saf-T-Cool machining coolants utilizing “clean-fluid and “green-fluid” technology that promised to extend sump and tool life, eliminate foul odors, and deliver exceptional corrosion protection.

In 2016 Tower developed, for the aerospace market, a specialized line of Towerkem products for the machining and grinding of advanced aluminum and other high-performance alloys. In 2017 it underwent a name change to Tower Metalworking Fluids Co., and throughout 2018 it launched its Towersol MG series of meticulously engineered and designed fluids for application with magnesium and magnesium alloys. These groundbreaking products effectively eliminated the market's need for volatile straight oils.

Fast-forward to 2022 when Tower MWF announced a comprehensive rebranding initiative to promote its efforts to expand its range of services, achieve new goals, enhance customer interaction, and accomplish local, national, and global growth objectives while fostering new partnerships. That led, in 2023, to an emphasis on Tower's “green-fluid" and “clean-fluid" solutions—safe and hazard-free innovations that offer workers a secure option that aligns with most current environmental responsibilities while fulfilling customers' performance criteria.

Tower MWF now reports that 83.6 percent of its products are hazard-free. Says President and CEO Scott Prince: “We express genuine gratitude to both our longstanding and recently joined partners. The recognition and achievements we've attained through your support serve as a tremendous inspiration, driving us to remain dedicated to the thrill of advancing innovative technology, exploring new markets, and creating fresh product lines for the future."  

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