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July 10, 2023

Saint-Gobain Abrasives

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Norton-Saint-Gobain-Abrasives-grinding-finishing-FABTECH-2023Saint-Gobain Abrasives features how to “Work Smart with Norton” by exhibiting a range of abrasives that optimize the user experience. Norton abrasives highlighted include the latest in grinding, cut-off, blending and finishing solutions to address challenging application requirements. The company also offers ways to increase user productivity by automating grinding processes. 

Abrasives highlighted include new Norton Vortex Rapid Prep non-woven flap discs, featuring Vortex agglomerated aluminum-oxide grain technology that enables the cutting power of a coarser grit while producing a finer finish in one abrasives disc solution. Also new are Norton Vortex Rapid Blend coarse-grit wheels and discs that reduce and blend welds in a single operation, providing a 30-50-percent improvement in productivity, while leaving smear-free finishes.

Also featured are Norton Quantum3 grinding and cutting wheels that achieve increased metal removal in less time, with less operator fatigue; Norton BlazeX F980 fiber discs with premium ceramic-alumina micro-fracturing grain and Cool Friction technology; and new Norton for Aluminum thin wheels for right-angle cutting and grinding of aluminum and other nonferrous soft metals. 
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