Corrosion-Inhibiting Packaging for Steel Coils and Metal Parts

October 1, 2015

Daubert Cromwell
Booth S4305

Daubert Cromwell, Alsip, IL, provides corrosion-inhibitor packaging to protect steel coils and other metal parts in all stages of production, storage and shipment.

Ferro-Pak VCI sheets are used to separate finished coil from wooden pallets, with deck sheets of Premium Metal-Guard VCI film on top to protect exposed, unfinished metal edges. The VCI pallet liner paper acts as a barrier between the metal and the acidic wood, and keeps moisture away from the exposed underside of the unfinished coil edges. On top, a 3-mil clear VCI deck sheet covers the coil edges and prevents corrosion-causing contaminants from affecting exposed surfaces.

Coils are wrapped in a plain stretch film to keep them packed tight and secure on the pallet, ready for easy transport. Rolls then are safely shipped to a finisher for additional processing. When the VCI packaging is removed, the metal is immediately ready to use. Surfaces are clean, dry and can be used without further handling or rework.


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