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Twin-Wire GMAW Ups Productivity in High-Deposition Welding

May 7, 2019

Lincoln Electric’s HyperFill, a patent-pending twin-wire gas metal arc welding (GMAW) product developed for semi-automatic or robotic applications, increases the usable deposition rate as compared to traditional single-wire GMAW while delivering improved weld quality and puddle stability, according to company officials.

With its twin-wire design, HyperFill can utilize two smaller-diameter wires to produce a larger weld droplet and arc cone. In return, this generates a large weld puddle that is easier to manage and control, reportedly allowing operators on average to increase usable deposition rates to 50 percent as compared to traditional single-wire processes.

And, unlike traditional twin-wire processes, which typically require dual power sources or dual contact tips, HyperFill uses a single power source, feeder, gun liner and contact tip. This allows operations to improve weld deposition without complex system set-up.


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