Tube Laser-Cutting Machine

October 1, 2018

BLM Group Lasertube machineBLM Group USA
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BLM Group will feature and demonstrate its new LT7 Lasertube machine, capable of 3D laser cutting of tube, and designed to improve productivity and accuracy through innovations in tube management and handling. The machine features a 3-kW fiber laser that provides a broad working range, allowing for eased cutting of round, square or rectangular sections in diameters to 6 in. Special sections and open profiles can also be processed.

Loading chains can be extracted from the rear standard bundle loader within seconds, providing the flexibility to load a single bar or open section quickly and simply. The loading and unloading systems also adapt to accommodate short and long parts throughout the process via innovative tube supports.

At the end of each production batch, the LT7 automatically configures itself for the next batch for quick changes in production and higher productivity, regardless of the new sections to be made—round, square, special and open profiles. No manual adjustments are necessary.

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