Consumable Kits for Hypertherm XPR Cutting Systems

March 18, 2019

Hypertherm offers new consumable starter kits for its XPR X-Definition Plasma cutting systems, available with or without a torch for mild steel and nonferrous cutting applications. The kits include a variety of consumables to allow for cutting at different amperages, using all of the gas-process types supported by the XPR170 and XPR300 systems.

The consumables contain several patent-pending technologies to improve consumable life and cut quality, according to company officials. Examples include Cool nozzle and Arc response technology, the latter of which protects consumables from the negative impact of ramp-down errors, a regular occurrence when cutting. By reducing the impact of ramp-down errors, XPR consumables reportedly can last as much as three times longer than those on older-generation systems.

An EasyConnect feature allows operators to quickly plug the torch lead into the torch connect console without the use of tools, while a patent pending QuickLock electrode delivers simple quarter-turn tightening to further reduce setup time. Another new design feature: a quick-change torch that enables an operator to rapidly change torches with one hand.

“Whether cutting mild steel, stainless steel, or aluminum, these new starter kits will make it easy for XPR users to have all of the consumables they need in one convenient kit,” says Martin Geheran, Hypertherm’s product manager for plasma torches and consumables. “We think that users also will enjoy the convenience of the kits containing a torch as it provides the option of having a second torch, or even multiple torches, pre-loaded with consumables for even faster changeouts.”

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