Band-Saw-Blade Solutions

October 1, 2018

L.S. Starrett band saw bladeL.S. Starrett Co.
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L.S. Starrett Co., will show its latest band-saw-blade solutions, including Versatix MP bi-metal blades with triple-tempered, high-speed M-42 cobalt steel teeth. The tooth design dissipates stress during cutting, reducing tooth breakage and increasing blade life. Stronger, longer-lasting blades are made possible, says the company, because of the Bi-Metal Unique technology. Instead of a single wire welded to the outside of a steel backer, this process bonds two strips of high-speed steel to each side of the top edge of the steel backer, using intense heat and pressure. The bonding area between the backer and the high-speed steel is increased 170 percent over conventional electron beam or laser welding processes.

Also being shown, a new web-based PowerCalc program to determine the correct saw, operating speeds, and power tool or machine for the application at hand.

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