Resource Guide Covers Laser-Cutting Machines, Materials

August 1, 2017

The Laser Institute of America (LIA) has published its LIA Guide to High Power Laser Cutting, for students, engineers and scientists. Written by several specialists, the 136-pg. guide details the features of the CO2 and fiber-laser cutting processes, including basic principles, cutting speeds and cut quality.

Highlights include sections detailing the physics of laser cutting; design and mechanics of a laser-cutting machine; when to use fiber versus CO2 machines; how different materials interact with laser-cutting machines; and practical advice for purchasing a cutting machine. Also included are data tables charting cutting speeds for different materials.

The authors also explain the complex physical and chemical interactions that occur during laser-oxygen cutting, and walk readers through the ways in which process efficiency varies based on laser type and power rating, and on workpiece material and thickness.

Laser Institute of America:
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