Mobile Laser Marker Ideal for Large or Heavy Parts

September 1, 2014

portable laser-marking unit from TrumpfThe TruMark 5010 Mobile Marker, a portable laser-marking unit from Trumpf, Farmington, CT, features a compact and handheld marking head. The operator simply moves the laser-marking unit to the workpiece, eliminating the need to move the part. Sensors help guarantee the process is conducted safely and accurately.

While conventional marking processes tend to be slow and limited, the TruMark fiber laser provides a fast and flexible solution for marking large or heavy components. Markings are durable, of consistent quality and there is no need for pre- or post-processing. Use the machine to mark identifying characters and images including barcodes, variable text and data-matrix codes. The TruMark 5010 Mobile Marker also can handle simple cleaning tasks and can prepare small areas for processing.

When the operator positions the TruMark 5010 Mobile Marker, a vacuum is created which hermetically seals any gap between the machine and the component. If the processing head is not properly positioned, sensors prevent the laser from emitting its beam. An integrated vacuum unit removes vapors or any materials dislodged during the marking process.

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