Adaptive Laser-Cutting System Delivers Productivity, with Consistent Processing Accuracy

March 1, 2013

LVD Strippit, Akron, NY, introduces the adaptive laser cutting (ALC) system, technology that provides real-time monitoring and feedback control of the laser-cutting process. ALC uses a dynamic feedback system to monitor and regulate laser power, cutting speed and assist-gas pressure in real time during the cutting process, automatically optimizing cutting parameters and ensuring a consistently accurate cut.

This system is particularly useful when processing thicker steels in an unmanned environment, company officials say, because in such applications machine speed often is restricted to ensure reliability and account for potential variations in material properties. With ALC, the cutting process automatically adjusts to changing conditions, processing at the highest possible speed with optimum efficiency. This avoids the need to restrict or control cutting speed, reportedly providing as much as a 10-percent increase in productivity.

ALC now is a standard feature on select models of the firm’s Impuls Series laser-cutting machines.

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