Preflattener Solves Riddle of Wide, Heavy-Gauge, High-Strength CTL Flatness

June 1, 2014

preflattenerIndependent toll processor FerrouSouth, Iuka, MS, has commissioned a new three-roll, coil set, crossbow preflattener at the front end of The Eliminator—the company’s heavy-gauge stretcher leveling line. With the preflattener in place, the firm now can process high-strength (110,000-PSI yield) steel up to ½ by 96 in., providing dead-flat memory-free steel sheets.

“Solving shape and memory problems in wide, heavy-gauge, high-grade products has been a struggle for everyone in the business,” says FerrouSouth president Ed Gonzalez. “The addition of the preflattener has eliminated all flatness problems that have plagued this type of material all across the United States.”

After collaborating with Herr-Voss (Callery, PA) to co-develop, engineer and manufacture the new preflattener, FerrouSouth put the machinery to the test. The results have been exemplary.

“Sheets coming off The Eliminator have been dead flat, completely memory free with no coil set, crossbow, wave or center buckle,” says Gonzalez.

The advantage to using memory-free steel: Plasma, laser and flame-cutting equipment can run faster and more consistently without having to slow down or stop to deal with springback or warping issues. Users can enjoy greater yields and improved efficiency.

FerrouSouth supplies OEMs, service centers and other customers in the southern United States with toll slitting, precision leveling and stretcher-leveling services for hot-rolled steel products.

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