Organizational Changes Aplenty at Andritz

January 19, 2021

As part of its global initiative, dubbed “Andritz Metals—Stronger together,” international technology group Andritz, Graz, Austria, has announced several organizational changes.   Among them: In the United States, Andritz Asko, Inc., Andritz Asko BV, Andritz Herr-Voss Stamco Inc. and Andritz Metals Inc. have been merged to form Andritz Metals USA Inc., a new legal entity, headquartered in Callery, PA. Also announced: Andritz Sundwig GmbH has been renamed Andritz Metals Germany GmbH, and will soon merge with Andritz Maerz GmbH and Andritz FBB GmbH. And, Andritz Selas SAS has been renamed Andritz Metals France SAS.
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Technologies: Coil and Sheet Handling


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