New Tooling System for Optimized Material Handling

December 1, 2019

Norgren Automation Solutions, part of IMI Precision Engineering, Saline, MI, has launched a complete tooling system designed to optimize material handling applications, including in and around press cells. The innovative system, called Transforming Tooling, combines a series of arms driven by electric motion, and offers a number of significant benefits over conventional tooling solutions, including:

  • Reduced recurring tooling costs
  • Elimination of manual tool change
  • Instant tool changeover between applications
  • Reduced floor space requirements due to elimination of manual tooling storage
  • Optimized safety on the shop floor

When the arms are actuated to the desired location, pneumatic clutches lock them in place, providing a robust and rigid setup similar to conventional end-of-arm robotic tooling solutions. When the application requires a change in handling material, the arms automatically transform the end-effector system to suit the needs for the new application, and lock in place.

The system comes with a full range of IMI Norgren consumables including vacuum cups and grippers that can be swapped on the fly.
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