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Customized AMRs

March 8, 2024

Aformic-AMR-customized-material-handlingAformic, with U.S. offices in Duncan, SC, now offers customized autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) for flexible manufacturing and warehousing. The company’s smart robotics solution provides for real-time intralogistics management by providing automation in material handling to reduce operational expenses and increase efficiency in manufacturing and warehouse processes, explain Aformic officials. The solution includes an artificial-intelligence (AI)-powered integrated software management system, Qursor, as well as a customized Aformic F-series AMR.

Customization applies to both the software system and the AMRs, as well as other devices and equipment that are part of the vehicle's setup.

“Our robots are implemented using process simulation to test and optimize their behavior in virtual environments,” says Tommie Watts, Aformic VP of sales and automation. “The AMRs move materials and products around a factory floor, adapting to changing production needs and minimizing the need for human intervention. The weight and size of goods transported by F-series AMRs become less important, as we can adapt the vehicle to the specific products and equip the robot with additional accessories, thus the autonomy of the robot itself also expands. 

Aformic intralogistics solutions can be integrated fully with plant systems, reportedly enabling the smooth flow of information and efficient, error-free deliveries by AMRs in dynamic environments. 


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