Electric/Hydraulic Press Brake Delivers Print-to-Part Processing

January 1, 2008

Amada America, Inc., Buena Park, CA, offers an advanced design press brake, the HDS 8025NT, engineered for speed, accuracy and prolonged performance. The system’s consistent ram positioning to within 1 micron allows
Electric/hydraulic press brake
shops to maintain high accuracy over extended operating periods. Key to the advanced design of the HDS series is the combined response of a hydraulic pressure unit and servo motor—a hybrid drive system —capable of achieving the peak cycle times required in a high-output environment. To reduce electrical consumption and heat, the pump motor is on only when the ram is in motion.

A new crowning mechanism, which consists of hydraulic subcylinders positioned in the lower beam, adds crowning pressure and helps to prevent uneven bending, while increasing accuracy across the entire bed.

For precise bending control at any position, a five-axis backgauge provides continuously updated feedback to the AMNC/PC NT-based control, where exact positioning can be viewed at any time. Programming enhancements include a more powerful automated software package, where programs can be automatically generated, including tool selection and layout, bending sequence and bending data, while programming and setup are moved off the shop floor. The software’s 3D sequencing provides a precise bending simulation. This eliminates the need for test pieces and provides for true print-to-part processing. An online tool library selects the appropriate tools and tool position, eliminating operator guesswork.

Amada also has engineered the Bend Indicator, a feature that employs laser sensing to zero its position relative to the die. It then laser-senses the position of the workpiece as it is being bent, feeding that information back to the machine’s CNC, which stops the bending ram at the precise moment the programmed angle has been achieved. This feature provides bending accuracy from the conventional standard of within 0.5 deg. to a new level of accuracy of within 0.25 deg.

Amada America, Inc.: 877/262-3287; www.amada.com

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