V-Blog: DM’s Arjun Aggarwal Provides His Vision for the Firm and the AM Industry

September 10, 2021

Desktop-Metal-Arjun-AggarwalIn this episode of Industry Focus: Energy, a regular video blog from The Motley Fool, hear from Desktop Metal chief product officer Arjun Aggarwal as he discusses 3D printing and Desktop Metal's aim to help manufacturers evolve from prototyping to mass production. He also discusses the firm’s recent acquisitions, and provides his vision for the AM industry 5 to 10 years down the road.

“I think where we see the biggest economic opportunity is in real manufacturers,” shares Aggarwal, “the automotive Tier Ones and OEMS, or consumer electronics manufacturers, consumer fashion and accessory manufacturers, and oil and gas companies. When these people start to use the technology to actually make parts that they are then providing to their end-users, that is I think what's going to create the next explosive level of growth. We see it in all areas when we talk to customers and all the third-party data will say, ‘Hey, X percent of people use 3D printing for volume production of end-use-parts today.’ That's in the single-digits or in the low teens and 50 percent want to do that over the next five to 10 years. That is a huge delta and that's what's going to drive a lot of the growth of the adoption of additive manufacturing.”


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