AME-3D Taps AMFG MES and Workflow Software for Production Scaling

February 1, 2023

AMFG has announced a new partnership with AME-3D, a product-development and prototyping business. Through the implementation of AMFG’s manufacturing execution system (MES) and workflow-automation software, AME-3D will continue to strategically reinforce its core operations to enable further scaling of production.

AME-3D offers services with particular focus in the niche of vacuum casting for production, alongside RIM casting. Additionally, the company offers a number of 3D printing services. In identifying MES and workflow software as a strategic investment, AME-3D sees it as a means to mature and scale its manufacturing processes. Specifically, the company is seeking to improve its quotation speed by reducing manual input, thus easing the ability for its employees to manage higher RFQ volumes and accelerate quotation throughput. 

Industry-Related Terms: Core, Scale
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Technologies: Additive Manufacturing


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