Customizing Quick Die Change Solutions

May 3, 2013


The concept of quick die change is simple: minimize the time from the last good hit on one die to the first good hit on the next one.

How quickly the die change process is executed is what can be difficult, for there is no one answer to a particular problem. Each manufacturing situation is unique and requires, in effect, a customized solution that deals with all the factors at hand.

Reaching the right die change solution requires analysis of the current die process for a stamping procedure, goals for improving the process, implementing a plan for achieving those goals and follow-up evaluation. Surround yourself with expertise to make it all happen. 

A variety of equipment and process choices must be made to develop an effective die change system. These choices are best made by the quick die change team. The team should involve management, manufacturing and tooling engineers, production and maintenance supervisors, setup people, press operators, even accountants.

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