Systematic Process Improvement with Noise

January 23, 2014


ABSTRACT: Design and Simulation of the deep-drawing process is an important step at every stage of a vehicle’s development. Challenges have gone up in the stamping industry by increasing part complexity and usage of High Strength Steel material or aluminum to address safety norms in the automotive industry and to reduce the weight of vehicle. Such parts are not only difficult to manufacture but also challenging to develop accurate sheet metal forming simulations during engineering phase in time with the necessary quality in terms of Formability and Springback.

In today’s simulation phase the Trial-And-Error-Approach is mainly used. This means a simulation engineer starts different simulation loops one after another while manually changing parameters based on own knowledge trying to fulfill required limits. Alternatively an optimization algorithm could support the simulation engineer, which shortens the time consuming manual modifications and automatically offers a new simulation result. Big question mark remains on what to do when the final simulation doesn´t fulfill the required limits? On top of that for both methods the typical noise parameters of production are not consid-ered; this can lead to problems during try-out and production.

AutoForm developed a methodology, Systematic Process Improvement with Noise, to systematically ad-dress and solve critical issues in the stamping process. The Systematic Process Improvement with Noise is a standardized way to effectively design forming processes including the consideration of typical noise pa-rameters of production. This approach results in an improved simulation result fulfilling required limits; it gives transparency of the different solution statements and makes it easier to pass the work to a colleague. As a result the development of a forming process can be done faster, more reliable and less dependent on individuals. Main benefit will be a significant reduction of the number of tryout loops and less scrap during production. The Systematic Process Improvement with Noise will be illustrated on the design of a forming process of an automotive part.

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