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Thursday, February 13, 2014
MF Delivers Camfil

Greg SchreierFree On-Demand Webinar on EPA NESHAP Rule 6x

The EPA NESHAP Rule 6x is a sweeping requirement that impacts thousands of metalworking operations. This educational webinar can help you understand Rule 6x, which imposes stringent requirements for the exhausting of welding fumes and other processes that may contain hazardous air pollutants. Register now.

Free white paperFree white paper: How to Comply with EPA NESHAP Rule 6x

Does Rule 6x apply to your facility? What are the required monitoring and test methods for compliance? What types of dust collection equipment can be used? This white paper is a useful companion piece to our webinar, providing answers to these and many other questions. Download now.

Tips for Laser and PlasmaApplication tips: Laser and Plasma Cutting Fume Collection

Smoke and fumes generated by laser and plasma cutting can be challenging to capture. Learn how an enhanced pulse cleaning technology delivers reliable performance and long filter life in these applications. Read more.

Video: Welding Fume Problems SolvedVideo: Welding Fume Problems Solved

A high efficiency cartridge collection system delivers clean indoor air that is free of dust and fumes, with an important side benefit: The ability to circulate warm, clean air through the weld shop has saved $100K per year in heating costs. View video.

Case StudyCase Study: Keeping Processes Clean at Fast Manufacturing

Noise and haze can add unnecessary stress to welders and machine operators. Why inhibit productivity when all that’s needed is a well-designed air filtration system? This was the solution for Fast Manufacturing, an ag-equipment OEM. Read article.

Camfil APC is a leading global manufacturer of dust and fume collection equipment and is part of Camfil, the largest air filter manufacturer in the world.
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