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Wednesday, June 29, 2016
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American-made Stamping Presses

Customized, engineered, and built for your most demanding applications

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Manufacturing presses since 1946, The Heim Family has sold over 57,000 units

Heim Maxi-Stamper Press

Maxi-Stamper (200-1000 Ton)

Available in one, two and four point eccentric gear drive configurations, the Heim Maxi-Stamper represents the cutting edge of ...

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Heim Maxi-Stamper II Press

Maxi-Stamper II (90-300 Ton)

Designed to state-of-the-art specifications, Maxi-Stamper II offers you exceptional accuracy and performance...

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Rousselle Single-point gap II

Single-Point Gap II (32-70 Ton)

Offered as OBI, OBS, non-geared, geared and optional deep throat, horn and adjustable bed models, these presses are ...

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Rousselle Straight Side Press

Straight Side (40-100 Ton)

The design of these straight side presses allows the stamper to choose from a wide range of strokes and shut heights. Available in ...

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