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Pair of Tube-Bending Machines Slated for Aircraft MRO by British Airs

Tuesday, May 20, 2014
The British Airs maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) facility at Heathrow Airport has ordered two tube-bending machines from UK-based Unison Ltd. (Horn Machine Tools, Madera, CA). One machine is an EvBend 1000 semi-manual bender with CNC control, the other is a fully CNC all-electric Breeze model equipped with the firm’s laser-controlled springback-compensation system. Unison will provide all associated tooling, as well as a Faro portable coordinate-measuring machine and related software. The tube benders will fabricate, among other parts, replacement rigid hydraulic tubes including titanium-alloy thick-walled tubes. More at

Triple-Action Hydraulic Press to Stamp Soyuz Rocket Parts

Friday, May 16, 2014
TsSKB-Progress, the Russian state-owned company that builds Soyuz rockets, has acquired a 2600-metric-ton triple-action Schuler hydraulic press, scheduled to enter production in 2015. The press has a bed size measuring 5 by 6 m, and the blankholder and bed cushion each provide 600 metric tons of press force. Among the jobs the press will perform: production of aluminum tank lids.

Clips & Clamps Adds Wire Bender, Wire EDM Machine

Wednesday, May 14, 2014
Metalformer Clips & Clamps Industries (stamping, wire forming, slideforming, welding, assembly and tool design and build), Plymouth, MI, has added two new pieces of capital equipment to its production floor. To expand its wire-forming capacity, the company invested in a Numalliance FRX04 CNC wire-bending machine, for wire 0.8- to 4.0-mm dia. And, to support its growing tool-build operations, it added an AgieCharmilles Cut 300 Sp high-speed wire-EDM machine. Learn more at



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