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Steel Man of the Year

Wednesday, January 8, 2014
James Barnett, president of Grant Steel Products, Wixom, MI, has been named Steel Man of the Year by the Association of Steel Distributors (ASD), for his “leadership, dedication, service and excellence in the steel industry.” ASD, Chicago, IL, provides members access to current industry developments and information related to legislative issues;

Mitsubishi EDM Partners to Bring Hybrid Milling/Additive Manufacturing Machine to North America

Wednesday, January 8, 2014
MC Machinery Systems, Inc., Wood Dale, IL, and Mitsubishi EDM have partnered with Japanese machine-tool maker Matsuura Machinery Corp. to introduce Matsuura’s Lumex Avance-25 machine to the North American market. The machine combines high-speed milling with metal-powder laser sintering, used for single-setup fabrication of complex dies and molds, as well as custom parts as prototypes or in small production runs. Learn more at; check out the Lumex Avance-25 at

Website Update Eases Actuator Shopping

Monday, January 6, 2014
PHD, Inc., Fort ne, IN, a manufacturer of pneumatic and electric actuators for a variety of industrial applications, has added a new section to its website to guide visitors in actuator selection based on the application. Featured industries include automotive and medical-product manufacturing, and conveyor automation;


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