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Assembly Lines in Action—Hyundai, Lexus and Honda

May 11, 2023

Early this year Hyundai launched production of the electric Genesis GV70, in Montgomery, AL—the first U.S. Hyundai plant—built on an existing modular platform. It features an enhanced body-frame structure with a good dose of ultrahigh-strength and hot-stamped steel.  I’ve seen plenty of automated production lines, but not like this one, including AGVs that move vehicles through final assembly processes such as battery installation.  

The line is featured in this all-encompassing video, which also provides an up-close look at the production lines of the Honda MDX and Lexus RX hybrid—now in its 5th generation and on a platform that’s been reengineered to the tune of a 200-lb. weight loss.  You get a good look at how the battery pack is installed—over the underbody and under the rear seats. 

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