BMW Hiring, Training Humanoid Robots

February 20, 2024

Figure, Sunnyvale, CA, announced that BMW Manufacturing Co. will deploy its model 01 general-purpose humanoid robots in its automotive manufacturing facilities. The Figure 01 robots enable the automation of difficult, unsafe, or tedious tasks throughout the manufacturing process, the company says. BMW plans to test the robots at its Spartanburg, SC, facility, working in the sheet metal production area and in the body shop and warehouse.

"Single-purpose robotics have saturated the commercial market for decades, but the potential of general-purpose robotics is completely untapped,” says Figure CEO Brett Adcock. "We look forward to working side-by-side with BMW Manufacturing to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics into automotive production."

BMW Manufacturing and Figure pledge to work together to further develop AI applications and robot control systems and take on projects related to manufacturing virtualization and robot integration.

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