"The change in robotics just in the past few years has been amazing. That will have a big impact on manufacturing and how we do things."Destiny of Manufacturing

SME President, Jim Schlusemann, E47

Jim Schlusemann, MSMIS, LSME, to be its 2023 president. SME presidents. Director of global business integration in Navistar's Engine Group. Schlusemann achieved the executive position of chief information officer for Navistar's engine business. In ... January 7, 2023
"The biggest change over the next 5 yr.: Competing for workforce talent, and social media will play a big role moving forward to reach tomorrow’s leaders." Destiny of Manufacturing Smart Manufacturing, AI, and More, ... Management

Smart Manufacturing, AI, and More, ...

Dean Phillips covers Smart Technology including artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, IIoT and ... PODCAST Link Systems
"When it comes to 5S, better lighting makes people feel better and happier in their jobs." Destiny of Manufacturing A Flex-N-Gate Engineer, Moran Discu... Pressroom Automation

A Flex-N-Gate Engineer, Moran Discu...

A third-generation technician who started his first apprenticeship at 15, George Moran worked in gas plants and steel ... PODCAST Schuler Incorporated
"Communication is critical during the initial phases of new (IIOT) projects, and understanding how data can shape the performance of an organization moving forward." Destiny of Manufacturing Lean Innovation Strategy—Bridging t... Management

Lean Innovation Strategy—Bridging t...

Matteo Dariol is a lead innovation strategist for Bosch Rexroth, and is an intrapreneur, technologist, AI and IIoT exp... PODCAST Bosch Rexroth Corp.
"Caterpillar sent me to an Allen Bradley CNC class, and after that I decided I wanted to work for them! And I spent 25 years working there, gaining insights into a variety of manufacturing industries." Destiny of Manufacturing Manufacturing Needs More Automation... Pressroom Automation

Manufacturing Needs More Automation...

Bob has 40 years of experience in the Industrial & Commercial Machinery Automation and Robotics Business. He started w... PODCAST
Need a quote“We’re seeing massive growth in the use of blanks and sheets among U.S. metal formers in the last 5 yr., driven by the technology evolution of lasers and the use of material-storage towers to feed equipment lights-out. We’ve invested a ... Destiny of Manufacturing A Look at the Technology Evolution ... Materials

A Look at the Technology Evolution ...

Bill Hickey is chairman of Lapham-Hickey Steel Corp., a steel service center founded in 1926. The family owned and ope... PODCAST Lapham-Hickey Steel Corp., Oshkosh Div.
Need a quote“To address the shortage of labor needed to program lasers, turret punches or press brakes , I see the software companies stepping in. Press brakes for example—you can design file and it will unfold the part, place the bend lines and sel... Destiny of Manufacturing Optimizing Productivity of Lasers, ... Bending

Optimizing Productivity of Lasers, ...

Patrick E. Canning is the President of Fab-Line Machinery located in Fairview TN. Fab-Line is in its 16th hear of busi... PODCAST Fab-Line Machinery, LLC
“We’ve hit an inflection point where manufacturers can see the benefits derived from a connected-machine environment, and so we’ll see the applications of this technology take off. But young people need control interfaces they’re familiar with—and w... Destiny of Manufacturing IOT in the World of Waterjet Cuttin... Cutting

IOT in the World of Waterjet Cuttin...

Tim Fabian is Vice-President of Marketing and Product Management for Shape Technologies, a supplier of waterjet techno... PODCAST Flow International Corp.
“Most recently at Wila we’ve been developing technologies to help operators and enable quicker setups. Examples include the Smart Tool Locator—an intelligent slide rule with built-in LEDs that show the operator where to place the tools for each spec... Destiny of Manufacturing On Press Brake and Tooling Technolo... Bending

On Press Brake and Tooling Technolo...

David Bishop is abusiness development manager with more than 40 years of experience in the manufacturing industry, hav... PODCAST Wila USA
“My 5-yr. outlook: Accelerated adoption of fully virtual, fully digital validation not only of product design but also reaching toward procedural and process planning, not so easily captured with more conventional methods.” Destiny of Manufacturing Extended Reality (XR) solutions for... Software

Extended Reality (XR) solutions for...

Eric Kam is an Industry Marketing Manager for ESI-Group. He shares responsibility for evangelizing engineering applica... PODCAST ESI Group
"The speed of innovation today is absolutely outstanding....Regarding additive manufacturing, where does it fit? Start with tooling and fixturing!" Destiny of Manufacturing Industry Consultant Talks About the... Additive Manufacturing

Industry Consultant Talks About the...

Rick Neff, principal at Rick Neff LLC, is an engineer by education. “My education taught me how to solve problems,'... PODCAST
An active PMA member for 25 years, Klotz is already well known within the association. He comes to PMA after serving as president and as Executive vice president of sales and marketing for Tebis America Senior manager of Plex (formerly Plex Syste... Destiny of Manufacturing An Industry Update with PMA, David ... Management

An Industry Update with PMA, David ...

PMA President David Klotz returns to discuss how association members are training ther teams using METALFORM EDU, which ... PODCAST Precision Metalforming Association
"Automation doesn’t reduce the number of jobs, it creates opportunities to retrain and re-employ." Destiny of Manufacturing Automation, Robotics and Workforce ... Training

Automation, Robotics and Workforce ...

Stamtec's Lee Ellard provides his professional insight into the future of manufacturing and how automation is impactin... PODCAST Stamtec, Inc.

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