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Miro Manufacturing Adds Large Precision Press Brake

Monday, August 19, 2019
Miro Manufacturing, Waukesha, WI, advanced its fabrication capabilities with the purchase of a SafanDarley H-Brake Ultra 360-ton CNC press brake, enhancing Miro’s overall ability to provide complete fabrications, from laser and waterjet cutting to forming and welding. The equipment’s E-Bend L Blue angle measurement system features two blue lasers that monitor and adjust the machine for angle precision. Combined with an integrated operator-safety system, these features allow for fast bending, short production time and low costs. An electrically powered CNC table aids with the handling and forming of sheet goods and large parts and CNC-controlled, laser line projection completes the forming center. Green technology also is built into the brake: The start/stop feature automatically switches off the main motor when the machine is running in idle, minimizing energy consumption and reducing CO2 emissions.


Related Enterprise Zones: Fabrication, Welding

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