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Electronic Control, PLC Integration for Lubrication Systems

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Amcol Corp. has introduced electronic control and PLC integration to its 6000-series precision lubrication systems for Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL). Amcol’s MQL incorporates accurate spray equipment to send minute amounts of concentrated lubricants to the cutting tool/workpiece interface, maximizing tool life and providing a near dry environment. Applications include forming, stamping, piercing, sawing and machining.

By adding electronic control, the 6000 series can be programmed through a PLC to provide a high level of control over the amount and timing of lubricant application, permitting more precise application. The injector used in the 6000 series can dispense liquid in as little as 20 msec., a nearly instantaneous reaction time that can keep up with rapid and demanding cycle rates. PLC control enables application only when and where needed.

PLC control also allows recipe programming for flexible, short-run manufacturing. The technology can be programmed for different tooling, operational speed, part size and alloys in the same machine. That means no more setting and resetting for different parts, or using one generic lubricant setting for all tools and parts, according to company officials, which helps reduce setup times, lubricant consumption and residue.


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