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Off-The-Shelf C-Frame Press and Tooling

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Multicyl has debuted its PIB-AB1 package, an off-the-shelf offering of the company’s Press-In-A-Box (PIB) designed for light- to medium-duty punching applications for A and B-series Unipunch C-frame tooling. The package consists of the MC 15-5-9 Multicyl, UN3 C-frame cage and ACP1 foot-pedal control, and is ready to punch with the Unipunch C-frame tooling. While customers have long employed the advantages of Mutlicyl PIBs and Unipunch C-frame tooling separately, this offering represents the first time that these two systems have been brought together in a single off-the-shelf package.

A Multicyl PIB system consists of four simple components; the Multicyl, the cage, air controls and tooling. Detailed information on all standard components is available on the company’s website, as is its interactive Sytematic press-selection tool that walks users through the process of selecting the correct components for their applications.

The PIB-AB1 package reportedly requires only minutes to set up, allowing users to quickly enter it into production.

Multicyl: www.multicyl.com


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