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Best Paper Award Goes to Three Omax Engineers

Tuesday, October 9, 2018
Three Omax engineers received the Best Paper Award at the 24th International Conference on Water Jetting 2018. Dr. Axel Henning, director of research and development, along with Pete Miles and Ernst Schubert, both senior mechanical engineers, collectively wrote the award-winning paper, Effects of Particle Fragmentation on Performance of the Abrasive Waterjet. The paper showcased how higher pressures, abrasive breaks apart to a finer dust before exiting the nozzle resulting in reduced cutting power.

The 24th International Conference of Water Jetting was hosted by the BHR Group, a United Kingdom-based research and technology firm, and took place in Manchester, UK, in September. Omax is a Kent, WA-based provider of abrasive waterjet systems.


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