Better Surface Finish for Longer Tool Life

Monday, October 1, 2018

Wilson Tool toolingWilson Tool International
Booth A2221, B6251

Wilson Tool International experts will discuss the properties and benefits of nine coating technologies offered by the company’s Impax Tooling Solutions division. The lineup:

  • Optima—a proprietary coating designed for piercing, blanking and trimming;
  • Optimax—a multi-layer coating with an Optima base and a second layer of molybdenum disulfide for added lubricity;
  • Wearbeater—a PVD coating used for piercing, blanking and forming applications in softer materials;
  • TiCrN—a nano-layer coating for piercing in high-pressure forming applications;
  • TiAlN (AITiN)—a hard coating for high-heat applications;
  • TiZrN—a wear resistant coating for piercing and forming of nonferrous materials;
  • AlCrN—a chromium composition well-suited to high-impact applications;
  • Forte—a proprietary multi-layer nano coating for punching and forming high-strength, low-alloy steel in all thicknesses; and
  • Slip-Max—a low friction, multi-layer coating that greatly reduces material adhesion.


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