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A Definitive Guide to Connected Manufacturing

Monday, January 1, 2018

Plex has developed The Definitive Guide to Connected Manufacturing, a 90-page reference that captures all of the information metalformers need in order to understand how connected manufacturing “turns challenges into opportunities and transforms how you do business.” Use the guide to:

  • Identify industry and technology challenges that can be turned into a competitive advantage.
  • Understand how manufacturing companies are leveraging connected manufacturing.
  • Determine what kind of system will support your manufacturing business today, and in the future.
  • Make an informed decision about your business strategy —and feel confident about it.

Download the guide as a PDF from the Plex website to learn about the forces of change (variable demand, compressed lead times, shorter product lifecycles, etc.); how these forces are affecting manufacturing (lot size of one, or mass customization, IoT technology and cloud computing, and increased use of shop-floor automation); and increased use of automated data analytics.

Some statistics noted in the report:

  • 68 percent of surveyed manufacturing executives believe that analytics can reduce unscheduled downtime;
  • 70 percent believe that analytics can reduce supply-chain management issues; and
  • 64 percent believe that analytics can reduce unscheduled maintenance.

The guide will serve as a resource for companies seeking to increase their agility and handle the complexity that comes with growth. Several case histories describe successful implementations of connected-manufacturing strategies. An example: Marwood Metal Fabrication, a multi-facility metalformer that decreased its inventory turns by 50 percent.



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