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Abrasive Belts and Discs Deliver Fast Cutting, Fewer Changeovers

Friday, November 11, 2016

Norton | Saint-Gobain introduces the Red Heat R983 product line of abrasive belts and discs that provides optimum resistance to wear with sharp cutting capabilities, due to a ceramic grain that defies premature dulling and ensures fast, efficient cutting. The family of products features a supersized grinding-aid lubricant that saves significant time changing over from slower-grinding, faster-wearing discs and belts. Red Heat abrasive products decrease production time and reportedly cut as much as 40-percent faster than competitive products.

Designed for grinding and polishing of Inconel, stainless steel, carbon steel and other materials, the Red Heat R983 suite of products includes flap discs, quick-change discs and belts. The unique weave of Norton's new fiery-red Y-Plus weight and an engineered backing optimizes surface area, allowing more adhesion points for maximum grain retention and less grain shed and edge wear--belts and discs last longer and won't split, rip or stretch.

Flap discs are available in three shapes: type 23 conical fiberglass back, type 27 flat quick-trim plastic back, and type 29 conical high density fiberglass back, in sizes from 4-in. dia. by 5/8-in. thick to 7-in. dia. by 7/8-in. thick. Quick-Change Discs offer tool-free, twist on-and-off fastening systems that make quick work of disc changes, minimizing downtime, and are available in TS (Type II) and TR (Type II) styles from 1.5- to 3-in. dia. And, belts are offered in several configurations including file, portable, bench-stand, back-stand and wide belts, in lengths from 11 to 700 in., stand widths from 1/8 to 52 in., and grit sizes from P36 - P120.


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